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HMP standing in the wind...Lifeless.  Why didn't Sailor HeavyMetalPapillon get a chance to appear in the anime and get "animated" like the other Sailor Anima Mates?  Here are some of the possible reasons...

Ever noticed how each series usually has one main villain and 4 evil minions?  Beryl had Jedeite, Neflyte, Zoisite and Kunzite.  But Sailormoon Sailorstars has more than that, in fact, according to the manga there are 9 minions working for Galaxia. 9 is a little too much, and because 4 is "shi" in Japanese which means die, villains seem to often appear as quartets (like the Amazoness Quartet).  So they just got cut off because 10 villains (plus Galaxia) is too many for one series!

Maybe TOEI Animation just cut of the other 5 evil senshi because they intened Sailormoon to end with 200 episodes and they could have landed up with 250 episodes if they added the 5 other evil senshi. That could have exceeded their expected budget or something like that the other evil senshi originally intended to appear in the anime got cut off because they have already compressed the storyline as much as possible (they could gotten rid of the Neherenia arc and replaced it with episodes showing the rest of the villains though..but still, c'est la vie mon ami....)



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