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she;s got the power!

Papillon looking evil...

She's got the power!  What power?  The power to control the elements!  It does seems like that in the manga.  Because she shouted that in order to make Sailormoon and Co. die a terrible death ,she chose fire to destroy them.  Now, we're going according to the manga.  So, according to the manga, it seems as though HeavymetalPapillon is the most powerful of the Sailor Anima Mates because she was the only one who actually came close to killing Sailormoon, she did mangage to hurt her Royal Highness Odango, and they got pretty scared when they saw those butterflise fluttering round those graves (woohoo!)

Papillon has no spiffy attack phrase whatsoever like the other Anima Mates, but she can randomly choose an element to use on her victim.   Which is good, if the victim only has the power of element she has the power of six (fire, water, air, wood, gold and earth) 

She got killed by the Amazoness Quartet in the end, so what can you say for yourself Umiko-chan? a big HeavymetalPapillon fan, it is my job to defend her :)  She was caught off-guard and had no time to react before the Amazoness Quartet attack hit her!  Not really a good excuse, but hey!  Haven't you noticed that all villains either become good or die in Bishoujo Senshi Seeraamuun?  So Papillon had to die and Naoko had to find a way of killing her (so she gave the job to the AQ) but nevermind, according to the cute cauldron guardian in that weird dress, after Sailormoon defeated Chaos, everything went back to normal, which means Her Royale Highness, Queen Sailor HeavymetalPapillon became good again ;)

Au Revoir!
And no...I don't learn French!  I learn Japanese :P   This is probably on of the the corniest article I've written so far 0_o uh...hahaha?


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